Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Beneath the City of Forgotten Souls: The Proud Trickster

Before departing on their adventure, the newly formed group agreed to celebrate. Balathar chuckled, and said, "Believe me, friends, The Proud Trickster has the best selection of exotic ales in the city. And since it is divine to be drunk, let us enter this house of worship and commune with the gods!"

And so it was that they soon arrived at The Proud Trickster. Dagnar, sensing opportunity, immediately pushed his way through the crowded tavern into the back room. He soon joined the ongoing lizard throwing contest, a test of skill that promised 10 gold pieces and dinner with the tavern owner's daughter to the victor. Dagnar, after downing his fourth cup of bitter lotus wine and smacking his lips, easily tossed the final lizard into the jug. 

At the same time, Balathar and Gar had discovered one of the most potent ales in the Dodecaverse, and were engaging in practical research into its potency. Several mugs had been consumed, when Gar got up and nonchalantly urinated in the corner of the tavern's common room.

"Hey, you, imbecile, you're done!" A booming voice shouted from the back of the tavern. It was Heinrik, the tavern owner's strong but stupid brother.

Balathar drunkenly approached Heinrik, and tried to apologize for Gar's behavior, but Heinrik shoved him aside as he strode towards Gar. "I'll show you what happens to those who disrespect The Proud Trickster!" he growled as he moved to grab Gar.

Gar was far too drunk to speak. However, Gar had had been wrestling drunk since age seven. He laughed as he easily caused Heinrik to trip and stumble. When Heinrik, roaring curses, lunged at Gar again, Gar shifted at the last moment, then grabbed Heinrik and sent him flying into a table. 

Balathar grabbed Gar's arm, and the two of them dashed out the tavern door. They heard shouting and barking as they fled down the street. The two companions drunkenly ran through dark alleys, following the insane twists and turns of the ancient city, until the voices and barking faded. They had escaped.

Meanwhile, Dagnar was busy winning the affections of the inn keeper's daughter. He told her bold, epic tales of the wild lands where he had roamed as a youth. Soon, he brought his lips to hers. The night grew late.

It was early dawn when Dagnar left the Proud Trickster, and began to search for his missing companions. A half a day later, he found them. 

Balathar and Gar were in a graveyard, lying on their backs beneath a large palm tree. Four empty jugs lay on the ground beside them. Both were in a drunken stupor, and Gar was enthusiastically orating. Dagnar sighed, sat on a gravestone, and fidgeted, as Gar went on and on, laughing, chanting, whispering, and shouting; telling of strange customs, vile creatures, and lost treasures; relating many weird and wondrous tales from his homeland in the mountains of Karthis.

More House Rules

One of the great things about the OSR is how many amazing resources are available now for old school style games. The OSR blogging scene, in particular, is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and inspiration.

Listed below are a few of the resources I will be using using to bring extra fun and chaos into my solo play campaign. I find random tables, in particular, to be great for solo play. The unexpected developments and plot twists they generate keep games exciting and unpredictable.