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Beneath the City of Forgotten Souls: A Sword & Sorcery Solo Play Campaign

Balathar detested the Secret Sultan. It was dirty. It was cramped. The floor was always damp and sticky. The patrons were rude, and prone to pick pocketing.

But he needed muscle, and this was the place to get it. Balathar scowled as he pushed his way through the crowded tavern to the back.

A man wearing a wide-brimmed, saffron colored hat caught his eye. He was a Karthan, and he was sitting in the far corner, wrapped in shadows, puffing on a hookah. The Karthan had dark, rugged skin, and his eyes exuded melancholy. He seemed out of place in the crowded tavern. Balathar struck up a conversation with him, and soon decided he would make a suitable adventuring companion.

Balathar looked the Karthan in the eye. "How would you like to put that sword to use, and earn some gold?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"An excursion to the ancient ruins. They are deadly. But there are many riches to be won. I myself seek eldritch relics. Rumors say that  many such relics lie hidden deep beneath the city, in the crypts and labyrinths of the ancient ones."

"Aye, I'll do it. I'm hard up for gold, and have little to lose. They call me Gar. And, I know a man who is fit to accompany us." Gar held up his hand and motioned across the room, to a tall, slender barbarian wrapped in a dark blue cloak. "Dagnar, join us!"

Beneath the City of Forgotten Souls

Dear readers, welcome to Beneath the City of Forgotten Souls. In this series of posts, I will be documenting my OSR Sword & Sorcery solo play campaign. This campaign will allow me to refine my judging style, and to test game mechanics, rules sets, and modules. It will also let me work out my creative writing chops, as I report on the results of each play session.

Campaign Background

This campaign began when I started messing around with Kabuki Kaiser's "Ruins of the Undercity." I wanted to run a completely bonkers, old school style campaign using the Ruins supplement, with a megadungeon at its core. I decided the campaign would be set in the world of "Tales From the Fallen Empire," in a city of my own creation, called The City of Forgotten Souls.

Campaign Rules

For a ruleset, I am sticking with Labyrinth Lord, plus "The Complete BX Adventurer" supplement. I may switch to Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, once the campaign is well established.

To reinforce the Sword & Sorcery vibe, all PC's will be human. Human races and corresponding background professions will be pulled from "Tales From the Fallen Empire." PC's in the campaign may be any of the following classes:

  • Fighter
  • Thief
  • Acrobat (BX Adventurer)
  • Barbarian (BX Adventurer)
  • Bard (BX Adventurer)
  • Beastmaster (BX Adventurer)
  • Bounty Hunter (BX Adventurer)
  • Mountebank (BX Adventurer)
  • Mystic (BX Adventurer)
  • Scout (BX Adventurer)
  • Summoner (BX Adventurer)
  • Witch (BX Adventurer)
  • Assassin (Advanced Edition Companion)
  • Monk (Advanced Edition Companion)

I'm happy to report that I've already run through my first dungeon crawl. Not only is the game progressing nicely, but it's already moving in an unexpected direction. I will post game updates here regularly, so be on the lookout for epic adventure from Beneath the City of  Forgotten Souls!

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