Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Guide to the Dodecaverse

Since childhood, I have enjoyed designing my own worlds. I believe that fantasy worlds should never be generic. If a world deploys typical fantasy tropes, it should use them in novel ways.

The Dodecaverse is a work in progress. I invented it to serve as a container for several distinctive worlds. My goal is to provide adventurers with a means of travelling between unique worlds, via portals and eldritch magic, while avoiding the "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" approach to world building .

In the chart below, I've revised my list of planes from the previous Dodecaverse post, and provided a bit of detail on each plane. I hope my humble efforts will inspire you to create vast, monstrous universes of your own!

  1. M'rth. As a kid I used to love ICE's MERP modules. So, I thought it would be fun to reskin them and plug them into a much darker alternate universe.  In M'rth, you won't meet friendly halflings, helpful wizards, or noble heroes. M'rth is a world ruled by violence and corruption, full of Darklings, Goblings, Gurks, and other unsavory races.
  2. Kxaara. Kxaara is my Weird, Asian-inspired, Sword & Sorcery setting.
  3. Atlantica/Europa. Renaissance America and Europe, with a focus on adventures in the New World.
  4. Babylonia. Ancient Mesopotamia.
  5. Gaia. Bronze-age Earth with a heavy dose of Greek mythology.
  6. Albion. Dark Ages Britain (no relation to Dark Albion, which I've never read).
  7. Hyperborea. The setting from "Asonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea."
  8. Urt. The setting from "Tales From the Fallen Empire."
  9. Luna. Surreal land ruled by  the logic of fairy tales and dreams. Voivodja, from "A Red & Pleasant Land," belongs here.
  10. Olympia. Home of the Lawful gods.
  11. Tartaros. Home of the Chaotic gods.
  12. Unknown. This plane exists in case I need to send PC's to some other, random plane on the fly.

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